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Scary weather

That same weather system that leveled Greenburg, Kansas has also been wreaking havoc in Iowa. I was up at 5AM watching the weather ticker as it said our county should stay away from windows as high winds had flattened a barn in our area. The only injury I received was from holding the cat when lightning hit our transformer and the electricity went out. If you are holding a cat during a violent storm, they will use you as a launch pad when lightning hits. My belly button is peirced now.

Anywayyyyy, Todd noticed later this morning that our ceiling was leaking in the living room. It takes torrential rains blowing out of just the right direction to make this happen so we patch the fireplace chimney and cannot tell if it fixed it until years later when the right elements line up again. Well, it's not fixed and as a result, one of the moose got wet. (We've had moose on extended stay from Alaska and they sit in the living room watching all the goings on.)

I don't know what happens to rain soaked moose in Alaska, but in Iowa, we bathe them in Woolite.


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awww - he looks so happy sitting in his bubbly bath. Woolite? Nah - I'll bet those are REALLY champers bubbles - no WONDER the moose looks so happy with himself! LOL

Hi, family!