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Don't stand so close to me

You know how certain songs can trigger a memory from way back? A song that you haven't heard for years yet you remember all the lyrics? As you sing along the memory comes into focus and even though you haven't thought of it for so long, it's suddenly as clear as if it had happened yesterday?

That's how it is for me with "Everything She Does Is Magic" by The Police. It was the perfect song for windows down, driving too fast in a hot car on a cool summer night. That's exactly what I was doing on a summer night in 1981 with my cousin and his friends in the big city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I remember the song, the people, the Trans Am and coming down a big hill on a four lane road with little traffic at the late hour and having to stop at a red light. The building tempo of the song lent itself more to blowing right through the red light but my cousin was a responsible young driver. Actually, it was probably more the thought of damaging the cool car that made him stop.

I've briefly read over articles about a reunion but I am very excited over the release of a new police cd. I've been on a kick of buying new releases of music from my past so I can put them on the iPod and feel young again when I run.

I love everything by the Police with one exception; I do not like the song "Roxanne". I believe I don't because so other many people do and therefore my rebellious nature doesn't allow me to even listen. There's really no mistaking when any Police song comes on because of the unique voice of Sting and the overall sound of a little bit of reggae and a big dash of punk that makes them so fabulous. Did you know Sting was a school teacher and that is why the lyrics are so well written? I am curious if the new police cd has a booklet of these facts.

Win a New York fly-away to see The Police live.

(If I win, I'm going to visit a little pug named Boris and his parents.)