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Missing: one iPod cable and one pair of capris

Everyone is all unpacked now and the last load of dirty laundry is in the washer. Now we can tally up all the damages and losses. Emily left her new pair of capris in the motel room at Mt. Vernon, Illinois. We'll never see those again.

Finished sorting out the various sacks and bags and seem to be missing one iPod cable. Each night we'd have three iPods, four cellphones, three cameras and two gameboys to plug in and recharge. I'm surprised we're just short the one cable and I'm almost certain we will come across it somewhere.

Finished cleaning out the truck this morning and found Ben's new sunglasses broken in the back seat. Another miracle since we spent over 40 hours with six people crammed in there.

Also gathered all the receipts and notes from everything everyone spent and it seems six people can quite comfortably travel over 2000 miles in a seven day span, stay in nice places. eat three times a day, do some shopping and some other touristy things and still spend under $2000. Not bad at all and definitely on the list to do again.