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New dog toy

Both dogs stayed at a gun dog kennel while we were gone with a gazillion other hunting dogs. Dozer was only allowed in as the companian to Lucy since gun dogs are an elite bunch. I think he's smarter than all those dumb hunting dog put together. He knows that instead of bouncing around (breaking fingers) it's much better to save your energy for important things like scaring the mail lady.

He was perfectly content to just lay around for a week but Lucy had so much pent up energy that needed channeled and burned off quickly. I found her a new toy that fits her to a T. It's called a Chewing Orka Jack and is made for aggressive chewers. I suppose you could call her an aggressive chewer. I prefer to call her a complusive chewer as she gets started and can't seem to stop. If you take a chew toy away from her, she will keep chewing on nothing, making her teeth clatter together like a meth addict.

This Orka Jack has made it through two days of complusive/aggressive chewing which is a record. It's also fun to throw as she is the queen of catching things in midair and this baffles her to no end. She goes to where it ought it to land but it's tricky and never goes where she expects. Confusing the "smart" dog = FUN! I would highly recommend the Orka Jack to anyone with a high strung dog who can annihilate your standard chew toy in seconds.

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When we get a new dog, I will get one of these for sure! We are close to getting a puppy...