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Lost my rhythm

Since coming back from Tennessee, I've had an incredibly hard time settling down into the routine I used to have. I don't know how I packed so much into a day but I'm finding myself short on hours now. Hence the lack of updating here, the many emails I've unintentionally ignored, and phone calls unanswered. I'll get my groove back. It just takes me longer as I age I guess.

I've been sitting on happy news for quite a long time now and can tell it now that it's public knowledge. One of my best friends, Pete, and his family are moving back to town. This makes me happy beyond words. When I write about Pete here, it's usually due to one of our dustups over me leaning Democrat and him being Republican. He has a generous supply of nicknames for me and my causes and I'm so glad he'll be here to say them to my face. I'm also looking forward to watching their daughter grow up slowly instead of being shocked at her changes when they show up for their visits. Kids grow up too dang fast. Stay tuned next week as my big kid turns 14 and gets his driving permit. I don't know who is teaching him how to drive but it will not be me!