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Parental control software

This is not a huge concern at our house since our kids aren't very interested in the internet. Being in a house with more than 10 computers makes one immune I suppose. In a household where the internet reigns supreme and children are utilizing it, parents should have some sort of content filtering or blocking software. At this website you can see reviews and prices of the best parental control software ever and make an educated choice regarding your child's protection.

They also review anti-spyware software which is important to all computer users I believe. In my spare time I fix computers for friends and in every case of "my computer is slow" it's been because their kids have been online, downloading music, probably sneaking a peek at porn, and clogging the computer with spyware that brings a computer to it's knees. It literally takes hours to clean a computer of that crap and most real shops will recommend just wiping the drive and starting over. Any of these alternatives are costly - certainly more than $50 or so to protect yourself in the first place.