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My baby boy is fourteen today. 14!! I don't have time to write anything real meaningful other than to say he's suddenly looking much bigger and older and stronger and he took three girls to lunch yesterday. Granted, one was his sister but still...

We are now in the age of learning to drive, going to high school, and the girls are no longer "a bunch of freakin' retards". Well, some of them are still I guess. Anyway, please read back to last year's story of his birth if you want the details of how we got him here. I left out one detail and for the life of me I cannot remember why. A lot of times here I will leave out minor details that don't really affect the story and are no one's business. For some reason in that particular story I said I was on the phone with "a friend". Well yeah, I guess. Friend being ex-husband AKA the man who taught me how to get divorced. Weird, huh? Sometimes we are friendly and I was certainly glad he was on the other end of the line for me that night because I was FREAKING and after 8 or so years of marriage, he was pretty skilled at calming me down. He's also skilled at winding me up but that is a story for another day.

Happy birthday little man. I'm pretty sure you broke 5' tall today.

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Shit -- he was 4 when I first met you. Time really flies.