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What a week

The kids' maternal grandfather passed away this week so I've been trying to spend extra time with Ben as this is his first real memorable loss. He was too young to remember when Todd's mother passed on. Everyone tells him it's okay to cry and the cool thing about Ben is that he will do just that. No tough guy acts with him.

Also this week another loss has pulled me backwards 15+ years to the family I used to call mine. Things seem rosier after that much time has passed but as I move through the memories of the past and actually see the people from that time, I am reassured that I did the right thing. I would have done it differently but I still would have cut ties and moved along. It's amazing how anger and pain can lie dormant for so many years but just a glimpse of a face can bring it all rushing back.

Saturday is Farmer's Market in downtown Des Moines and I hope to go to that and recharge after this incredibly draining week.