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Last night Eva and I attended a small group discussion with two of Obama's campaign people. They were basically collecting concerns to pass back up the chain. All in all it was a good conversation and hopefully got Eva thinking a bit about how young people need to part of the change.

I had a hard time finding anyone who understands why I am excited about Obama. I called one friend with the complete intent of getting him wound up because he's just plain funny and witty in his arguments and mud slinging. However a couple of others surprised me with their reaction. One asked why I was spending time learning about a towel head. That's just sad. Political discussion brings out the ignorance in people who rabidly protect their party even if they sound like retards.

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You do live in Iowa you know.


IMO he's too inexperienced. If I was a citizen I'd vote for Hilary - she's got an in to the system B.A. doesn't - and she really makes sense. I can't even go there when it comes to the Reps - bunch of asshats all of them if you ask me. No, that's not just an ignorant statement - it comes from years of hearing bigotry from them in one form of another. That just goes with the territory just as war-mongering and huge deficits do.