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African Vacation

Todd always says he'd like to go to South Dakota and hunt prairie dogs (NO!!!!) or pheasants. I wonder how he'd feel about Namibia hunting safaris where he could bag a cape buffalo or rhino. This is a well designed site offering a lot of information for such a trip. My favorite tip from the FAQ is never loan your new skinning knife to a local skinner unless you want it sharpened on a rock.

They have several packages but I think the Namibia sarari with the shark hunting option would be fun. I was pleasantly surprised that they take the time to recommend a gun caliber and to stress the importance of practicing with the big gun before going on the safari. A lot of places fail to mention that and I know from living with the gun freak that even the best shooters need practice on every gun.

They say the best time to go is anytime February to November. I'd go in the winter if we could afford it and take the dolphin cruise while Todd chased baboons and cheetahs.