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Fear vs. Hope


Friday night I had the pleasure of actually meeting Barack Obama. Not just shaking his hand in a crowd but actually meeting him for a quick discussion with other Decatur County Democrats. Beforehand he gave a really great speech about where he'd like to see us (as Americans) in the future. Say what you will about the man but he is very intelligent and very well spoken.

I came home very energized and feeling good and immediately ran into the brick wall of naysayers. I don't understand what people don't like about him. When I ask for legitimate concerns I don't hear any valid responses. Some say they just don't like him. Other say he is full of crap. Some say he's scary.

I've talked to his people, read the campaign materials, watched the youtube debates and now have spent time with him in person. Everything he says makes perfect sense. How can you rally against a peaceful end to the Iraqi war? Against environmental protection? Against equal opportunity? Against health care for all? One thing he said really struck a chord with me and that was we may very well be the generation that passes on an America that is a little poorer and a little meaner than it was when we got it. Is that what we want for our children?

Maybe he is not the man to do it but someone has to start repairing my country and I'll do what I can in my small corner of the world. I am open to all reasonable debate from all sides but there are some things I will not sway on:

  1. I love my gay friends and they deserve the same rights afforded to me
  2. The war in Iraq was ill advised and is draining money and lives.
  3. We have been destroying the planet for decades and need to take steps to protect it.
  4. The rich are too rich and the poor are too poor.
There's more of course but those are the big ones.

Another thing I have to get off my chest: why do people feel like they can only listen to one party? To me that is ignorant. I lean Democrat (strongly!!) but that doesn't mean I think all Republicans are too stupid to hear out. It's like football. People tell me I can only pick one team. Why?? Why can't I pick one in each division and increase my odds of a happy ending each week? Same with NASCAR. Only pick one driver? That's crazy! I have a Chevy guy, a few Ford guys and even a Toyota driver I like. I am rarely disappointed on Sunday. So yeah, I'm entertaining Republicans as well. Obama is 95% sealed in my mind. I seriously invite you to try and change my mind through reasonable, polite debate. If you say one thing about his name, I won't hear another word. No cheap shots. Use your head and let's be part of the solution in '08. Comments or email me at obama4me08@gmail.com. I will also try to answer any questions you may have about him or his policy. If I don't know the answer, I can find it out.

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Three things, none of which are particularly aimed at convincing you not to vote for Obama:

1. "How can you argue against..."

You might be asking the wrong questions. The question is not "should we end the war in Iraq?" The question is "What's the best way to end the Iraqi war?"

I don't like him as a candidate because, almost universally, he either a) has a goal I find to be ill-advised or b) wants to achieve a goal that we agree on in some manner that I don't agree with.

2. "...we may very well be the generation..."

This is a line of emotional rhetoric that's been used in politics by the party out of power since time immemorial. It plays on our insecurities about the future. It's a scare tactic, really, not a political platform, and the reason it "struck a chord" with you is because that was it's purpose.

3. "The rich are too rich and the poor are too poor."

The poor being too poor I can understand... but "the rich are too rich" sounds like a prelude to a call for socialism. Wealth is not a zero-sum game, we can raise the standard of living for the poor without penalizing people for being successful.


Wow, you met Obama! That's a great picture!!! As far as the rich are too rich comment from Pete, the problem isn't necessarily that the rich are too rich, but *how* they've become so much richer under the Bush administration. Sneaky tax cuts that only help the 1% richest people in the country and taking away of programs that help the poor because of under-funding aren't exactly the best thing for the country.

so, i think you'll know i'm not going to argue with you about obama. i like him, a lot. right now i'm supporting kucinich, but i know he's not a viable candidate. i also like edwards as well. i believe he's a viable candidate. and i also support obama.. but one fear i have is that he's peaked waaay to early. like dean did back in the '04 primary. i also don't know if this country is ready to elect a man of colour. we are still a very very racist country. i also don't think this country is ready to elect a woman, i believe we are still a very very sexist country as well. (and, frankly, i don't support h. clinton at all). but, i could be wrong on both points, and i hope i am as far as obama goes.

thanks for speaking up, about obama *and* also about the fact that the r's are not stupid as well. one can believe strongly in something and not hate the other side, just disagree - respectfully.


Wow!!!!!!! I am so excited about the photoshop possibilities of this shot.

Happy you had a great experience, honey. Hope it doesn't turn into the usual empty visit to middle America.