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I think I have written about this before but I can't remember. I have this thing about numbers. I have no superstitions per se but numbers freak me out. Some days I will look at the clock and every time it will be some pattern like 1:23, 2:34, 5:55 or whatever. I just logged into my site and noticed I had 555 entries and 432 comments. AAAAAAAA! This is 556. Whew. Now someone comment to break that oddity.

Have any of you seen the movie 23? Eva said it would really freak me out.

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broken? :)


I feel oddly relieved when I look at a clock whether it be in the car or the operating room and it say xx: 13. 13 is my lucky number.
But I know how others hate it so I refuse to let cases or room times or pacu arrivals have a 13 in them. If it's 1313 I make people put 1312 or 1314. (military time you know.. i am ok until 6 pm then my math skills or lack thereof take over and I f**k up the time. )

see - you are NOT alone in this - the numbers don't actually freak me out - they amaze me sometimes. Three seems to play a big part in my life for some reason.

Here's your comment - hurry up and approve it so you can break that number thang.


and - see what I mean? My comment was number THREE!!! Heh!