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It's been about three weeks since I had a night with over four hours of sleep. Tonight it is thanks to a car with no muffler. I think going muffler-less is a prerequisite for paper carriers who stop at nearly every house at 2AM.

Once something like that wakes me up, my brain kicks into overdrive. Tonight/this morning I am thinking about C's dad. His paternal grandfather passed away and although he's been failing for years, I can't imagine it's easy.

I first met his grandparents when C. was a little over a month old. We took a four generation picture of the Whirrett men which was also C's first picture on an old John Deere tractor. He's a John Deere man to this day and I've always joked it's from that early experience with his grandpas and the old tractor. When his dad told him the news, he felt bad that he didn't remember his great grandpa and I felt bad that I didn't know him well enough to fill in any information for him.

I better get back to bed since the morning starts in about 90 minutes. As always, it's not a holiday for us since Todd works every week day regardless of the designation.