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The influenza test

Ever had a shiskabob skewer shoved up your nose? Pretty sure I have. I woke up this morning with a throat so sore that I couldn't stand it and my whole body ached. My normal clinic was full so I went to the other one. The other one is a shared service with the mental health provider so half the clinic is medical and half is educational. I say educational because every trip is an education into the less fortunate. This world has some crazy people in it for sure!

I had to sit in the exam room and wait for a very long time. I was fine with that since they were full also and were trying to work me in. What wasn't fine was the air conditioner blasting artic air on me. When I am sick and chilling already, I want warm. Lots and lots of warm. Anyway, after an hour of freezing, the doc came in and said my throat was significantly red so he was ordering some tests. Tests were for strep, mono and influenza. The tech explained one required swabbing my throat, one was a finger poke for a drop of blood and the other was a nose swab. My reaction to pain is always a wish to grant the same pain back to whatever or whoever caused it. She is very lucky she did not get punched as she "swabbed" my nose. Swab = being skewered and nose = sinuses. Damn, it hurt worse than child birth.

The tests all came back negative. I asked for a Lyme test but he said Lyme disease didnt cause sore thoat. I've since read that it is a symptom but the internet can be wrong I guess. I'm to get lots of rest, drink lots of fluid and treat the symptoms. I think Todd must have had a premonition because he bought me three boxes of Puffs with lotion just a couple of weeks ago. Thank God for the lotion.... or the person (surely a woman) who invented such a great thing as tissues with lotion.