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I hate being sick but when my temperature goes up, I just get mad. I know it goes up for a reason but damnnnnn... that miserable achy feeling that comes along with it. The eyeballs burning sensation. I just hate it. GRRRRRR!

The thing about this is that I have been sooooo incredibly careful with school starting to wash my hands repeatedly. Like every time I go out of the house and come back in. I have enough Germ-X to float a boat in alcohol scented jel. It's in every room and every vehicle. Yet here I am... burning up with a fever. Nose is stuffed. Head and body feel oh so heavy. And who kicked me in the back???!!!!

I'm drinking lots of fluids, including hot tea. I cannot rest for the cough and the aches are too much to sleep through. This is just miserable. bleh.

Meds I've tried over the last 48 hours:

Robitusson (whoever flavored that should be forced to drink castor oil)
Delsym (flavored by the same joker who did the Robitusson)

and I have slathered Vicks Vaporub all over like my grandma used to do to me. I skipped the warm towel part though. She used to heat towels in the dryer, liberally apply vicks, then wrap me like a mummy in the hot towels and send me to bed with a kiss and a hug.

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humidifier right by the bed; hot whiskey toddies; pup on the pillow; hot bathes with eucalyptus oil, also a personal inhaler (drugstore) does wonders. being coddled by a mother doesn't hurt either. ;-) feel better hon