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Won't someone think of the vegetables?

Someone please tell me this Fishing Hurts campaign is a joke. From the site:

"Imagine using worms and flies to catch ... eagles and ospreys and hauling them around on 50 feet of line while they tried to get away. Then when you landed them, you'd release them. No one would tolerate that sort of thing with birds. But we will for fish because they're underwater and out of sight."—Jack Turner, former angler

Actually, that is tolerated and the accepted method to catch protected birds on airport property. Officers can't shoot them because they are protected. They can't leave them there for the planes to hit. So they trap them on cables and then take them somewhere else for release... only instead of worms and flies, they probably use meat. Oh dear. More unnecessary meat consumption.

Crazy PETA people got me wondering if anyone cared about the vegetables. I grow peppers and tomatoes and then I pick them from their life bearing stalk and I cut them up with a big freaking knife. Some pieces fall on the floor and I don't even give a damn. I just step on them as I prepare my pots of boiling water. I tune out the screaming as I toss their delicate fleshy bits into a 5 quart dutch oven and throw spices on them. The only tears I shed as I stir them are from forgetting my gloves while chopping the peppers. Weeks later when we open the jars to enjoy homemade salsa with our chips, we don't even pause to think of the vegetables sacrifice. We just eat like the heartless cowards we are.

There are people out there who campaign for the vegetables. God bless them.