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Results of the experiment

Wrapping up the experiment Todd started last week. C. asked if they could take his car to pick up Ben and Emily and Todd handed him two grocery sacks and said "Sure, take these and you might need more." C. looked at him all puzzled and asked "Why would I need these??" Todd told him he'd find out soon enough. So I go out with the camera and pretend I'm trying to get a picture of the cat chasing leaves.

The car seat with some of the trash from the boy's bedroom floor.

The floorboard.

The reaction. This is the split second initial reaction and I lost the chance to capture the rest as I was on the ground, laughing so hard I thought I'd pee my pants. We could literally see him roll through each emotion as he took in what had happened. After I regained my composure I asked "What's the matter Bud? You act like you don't know whether to be pissed off, laugh or cry. Kinda how we feel when we find a big mess you've made." He said he knew he deserved it and got the shop vac, some more bags, and went to work. He did melt down a couple of times but never did ask for help. I think the experiment and the lesson were successful.

Comments (4)

brilliant. absolutely brilliant!

I'm so jealous - I never thought of that!
I bow to the master!


holy frickin' crap! when did he start driving? and where have i been?

Bravo, my friend! Well done!
hehehehe - I have a grandson planning to drive someday soon - lol - I will share this with his mama.