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Is it the yogurt?

I started eating yogurt a couple of weeks ago and it is helping with weight loss but in this same period of time, friends are getting all weird too. I've had a couple just pretty much kick me in the head and some others are smothering me. It has to be the yogurt because I'm still just sitting here at my desk most of the time, minding my own business. I made it into HyVee this week for the first time in forever. Maybe that threw off the balance of my universe. I think this time of year just makes people cranky and hateful.

My real theory for the yogurt is that it helps lose weight because it's gross. So gross that it kills your appetite for hours. Yesterday it took me over an hour to get down a 4 oz. container of peach yogurt and then I felt sick the rest of the day.

The boy saw the ortho yesterday and they hooked onto one of the teeth waaaay back in the bottom row and are working on bringing it up front now. The doctor used a thread to tie onto it then he tied that thread very tightly to the spring and then to the wire. It looked very painful and about bedtime, the pain got to be too much and the boy asked for one of the pain pills left over from his toe surgery. This morning he is up and ready for school but there's a lot of moaning going on. I do hope he is not one of those boys who refuses to wear his retainer years down the road when we are finally done with all this pain and expense.

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Geez, what brand of yogurt are you eating?? Yogurt is my favorite food in the whole wide world! Dannon Activia is especially good. And the greek Fage yogurts.


Yoplait is about the only kind we can get here. Yoplait and the store brand. YUCK!!!!


Thought about making your own? It's *really* easy.