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Gone to the dogs

It's that time of year where Lucy supposedly earns her keep. Pheasant season started a couple of weekends ago and that's her lot in life - to find birds for her master. Unfortunately that's only a weekend thing and the rest of her time is spent driving me insane.

My dog, Dozer, is fat and lazy and is very content to hold down a chunk of floor all day long. Lucy has to go, go, go and chase things and run around. Every morning I have to take her outside and exercise her for at least an hour or she will make me crazy all day. We've got a routine going now where I wear her down and she is pretty settled through the day while I work. At night she goes back to driving me crazy again by spinning on the bed all night.

It's totally my fault that she is in bed with us. When she was about four months old, she would pace the floor all night. Anyone with weimaraners know that they shuffle when they walk and it sounded like an old granny shuffling around in house slippers. I got mad and said "Dammit Lucy, get up here and lay down!" and she's been there since.

Dozer used to have a dog bed but now he just lays on a blanket on the floor. I've thought about getting Lucy a dog bed but I don't know that she'd use it. Weims like to be with their owners. She might lay on a dog couch. That thing is cute!

I am certainly going to show this seat cover to Todd. Right now we have just an old bench seat cover from a pickup truck to keep the dog hair out of the Surburban. Doesn't work near as well as it should. Now is the time of year she is in and out of the truck a lot and dragging in leaves and mud. So far she has not found any birds to make her worth the hassle. Her only saving grace is that she's dumb and good for laughs when she runs into walls and she can be soooo sweet and lovable.