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Let's talk pants

Todd wears a uniform more than half the time and therefore doesn't need a lot of jeans or dress pants. He used to have a pair of "tactical" pants that he wore to gun schools and law enforcement seminars that were nice enough to double to family dinners or funeral visitations. He has gained a little weight (haven't we all?!) and those pants don't fit anymore. With the holidays coming up and the chance to "dress up" approaching, I've been looking at pants he'd find acceptable.

Found some at 511 tactical that are almost exactly like what he had. I am not sure what "''Billy Goat'' Tactical Canvas" is or how heavy it would be but they do look the same.

How funny! Todd just came in and I was showing him the Surefire flashlights. He looked at the page and said "Hey, 511 Tactical is who makes my pants!' So I guess I was closer than I thought!