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Was reading other blogs this morning and came across this entry where Joe describes his wife not liking how he was cleaning. It was like reading about myself.

A situation happened just last week in my own house that has been eating at me. Todd came in from work and started running water. Usually he gets a drink first thing in the door so no big deal. This time the water kept running for a very long time then I could hear the sprayer going and going then more water. I'm sitting in here thinking my money is going down the drain so I got up and asked what he was doing. He was "rinsing" my skillet from where I made an omelet for lunch. In the part of my brain that is the household banker, I was only seeing a spinning water meter so I said, (from the domestic goddess side of my brain) "Can I show you something? I don't want to be a bitch but this really works better and gets more done." I then proceeded to run just a tiny amount of water into the sink with the plug in. Squirted just a bit of soap in and then washed the pan completely, rinsed it and put it in the drainer. Then I took the rag and washed off the counters and the stove, drained the water and said "See, less water, more work done and the pan is more than just rinsed." Pissed him off and I really don't understand why. I was not confrontive. I probably should have just sat here and let it go but damn, every dime counts nowadays. Our water bill is outrageous enough already.

In the situation with Joe and his wife, I can see myself doing that too. I'm not saying I like that trait but I am quite capable of doing that. It's not out of malice. It's just a frustration with not being in control of the overall big picture so you grab onto the things you can control and drive your loved ones insane in the process I guess.

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I wish I could keep my mouth closed on this topic, but I can't because it is a sore spot with me & my men.

Spraying water - I agree with you. Water = $$$$!!!!!

Tom insists the same as Joe, I should just be happy that he cleans, rather than criticize how he does it.

My response to that is to point out that he is a trainer, he trains people how to do a job. How could he NOT understand that there is a right way to do a job, not just HIS way, and if people he trained did their job their own way and not the way they were told to do it, they wouldn't have a job.

Of course, my other theory is that people (men) do things the wrong way just so we (women) won't ever ask them to do it again.

my two cents.... thank you for this opportunity to spout. *bow*

I know what you are trying to say, but the scenarios are quite different.

If you had told you husband to to go rinse out the pan, and THEN came down to complain about the fact that he was rinsing it out, and not doing it that way... well then they would be a bit more alike.

Both can be a bit offputting from the receiver end, but my wife's way it just downright freaky.

I so know what you mean about wanting it done the way you want it done. I didn't go much see that in Joe's story (but I have a whole different view of Joe's wife). I suppose I'm lucky that we don't have to pay for water directly (included in the rent), because I'll listen to The Boy doing the dishes and wonder what the hell's taking so long.

He busted me last week on this same subject though. I was in the kitchen and asked him could he come in the kitchen so I could show him something. His immediate response was "what did I do wrong?" I asked how he knew that, and he said that's what I say every time I want to show him what he's done wrong -- which was exactly what I wanted to show him. The nice thing about him is that he learns every once in a while.


well i'm a girl and i still get told off for "not doing it right". lol

(something about how my mother didn't teach me how to clean!)

i have learned to use those new dishwasher cubes in a soaking pan. it works wonders - and yes, the girl taught me that one!

Aunt Rose:

Dearest Lisa--Just checking in with you this morning and reading the blog was wonderful.
Working with women of all ages from 20 to 70+ I hear many versions of this same argument several times a day and all I can think is "You have a husband that knows how to turn on the kitchen faucet".
Printed out the blog and plan to share it this morning and can't wait to hear the comments.
Thank you for starting my day with a smile.
Love You Aunt Rose