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Guys vs. Girls

While we are on the differences of how men and women perceive things....

I was with my friend PB the other night and he started telling me about his brothers' garage and how it had astroturf installed in it. What a man space! Astroturf, a wood stove, beer fridge, etc. His wife said she just didn't get it and he said it was like us women and our walls. We paint one wall red and then accentuate accordingly and go on about colors popping and such. That makes no sense to men at all so we should not expect to understand astroturf and the coolness that it is.

I do wish we'd have looked at products for garage floors when we poured our concrete. The contractor said "It's not a matter of IF it will crack; it's WHEN. This is Iowa." He was right and we have three big cracks now I think. Of course the garage is packed full now so emptying it out to improve the floor would be a daunting task.