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Happy New Year

Another year gone and I start the new one with a cold from Hell. It started as a sore throat for days and days and now has blossomed into an ass kicking machine thus my kicked ass was in bed by 9:30 last night.

First song of the new year was a Justin Timberlake number. I do not like his music. I hope these things are not a sign of how the year will go.

In other news, I now possess a blackberry.

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We got Blackberry Curves from work this past month. I hate it already. Hope you enjoy yours more, especially if you're paying for it yourself.

Happy new year and all that jazz. We're off to a good start over here.

Aunt Rose:

Welcome back--I've missed you!

May you have a wonderful New Year.

Love You Aunt Rose


Where in the heck have you been? Don't let anybody put your blackberry in the toilet...cos it will stop working.

How long did it take you to admit that there's a reason they call it a Crackberry? It took me about a day.


evil things... now rest up till you feel better!

Congrats to you - looks like a successful caucus today!!! And your man got the nod. I'm proud of you for sticking your neck out and getting the info and supporting the one you thought best. Way to go!

oh - and blackberry? Congrats - I think - I dunno, I'm not much of a nerd. ;)

Aunt Rose:

Is my favorite niece one very happy girl this morning!!!!Your Man won!!!Congratulations--My prayers are out there with him for a safe trip to the WhiteHouse!!!!
Love You
Aunt Rose