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Yup! My man won!

I wish I could tell you I was at the caucus last night, wearing my Obama t-shirt and my "I'm an Obama Precinct Captain" badge. It was the night I've been working so hard towards and I was so excited by the momentum going into it.

The truth is that I was home on the couch, loaded up on Vicodin and lying perfectly still. The cold I wrote about earlier turned into bronchitis which left me physically spent and short of breath. I got up in the night two nights ago, felt the ground falling away from me and was able to grab the dishwasher and go down gracefully. Sat on the floor for a bit then went into the bathroom where it happened again with no warning. Fell backwards into the shower doors and apparently slid down them into the little metal trash can that sits in the corner. I could hear the noise of things falling and smashing but I couldn't see or react. Came to in a heap with the trash can under me and the cat standing on me. I had no voice so no one could hear me call for help. I crawled back to bed and told Todd later that I had fallen.

The next morning I had some scrapes and bruise and it hurt like hell to breathe. It got worse as the morning went on so I went back to the doctor for xrays. I broke my rib in three places on the trash can. The doc said it was not a good thing as I was having trouble breathing already which was a pneumonia risk and with the broken rib, it would be instinctive to not take deep breaths at all. She said nothing could be done about the ribs other than more pain meds and that it was of absolute importance that I force myself to breathe deep. Oh yay!

So I missed my big night but my man Obama did great and I'm happy to have been a part of it. I'm bummed that I missed the big show but we deal with what life gives us and I'm just concerning myself with breathing right now. Thanks to everyone who supported Barack last night. A big thanks to the youth in Iowa for getting off your butts and being part of the process. Youths came out in record numbers and that is a really great thing! Thanks to all my friends for encouraging me through my first attempt at being politcal and a huge thanks to my Republican friends for swallowing your own B.S. (for the most part)

This post brought to you by the letter V (vicodin. lots of it.)

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ouch, ouch, ouch!!!! I have a breath-into-thingy (very tekkie term, no?) that they "gave" me at the hospital - wanna borrow it? There's a happy face marker when you breath deeply enough.

Seriously, friend, take care and GET BETTER!!!!

sorry to hear about the falls and all.

Please take care! I'm sending some guardian angels your way! Maybe they can catch you!
I was checking in to say thanks - the butter bar was an awesome success for Lilly! I have switched all our soaps out as well!

:( I'm so sorry you missed the big day in the end. I can't even tell you how much I know how that feels. Well, I can a little. My entire career I've represented public employees, who are not allowed to strike in NY State. I'd done tons of research over the years for ways around that, things the union could do, and ultimately, ways to defend themselves if a strike happens. After like 13 fucking years, a union decides to finally strike and it's ---- drum roll ---- when I'm in the fucking hospital. I'd watch the news ever night and just be so pissed that I wasn't in the middle of the whole thing -- which I would have been had I been at work. Oh man, I'm mad again now thinking about it!!!!!

OK, so see, I can relate. But hey, in your case you got the result you've worked so hard for, so yay you. I actually quite like your guy, and not really anyone on my side except Giuliani who I don't think has any reasonable chance.

Feel better honey. XO


feel better hon and take my advice for once and rest!!!


OW!!! That sounds really really awful - though I have to admit for feeling fondness towards your dishwasher for helping you out. It's good to have a sturdy, reliable appliance at hand if you're going to head downwards all sudden like. Anyhow I am SO glad you are clever and went to the hospital - many folk would have taken a few days to realize that was a good idea. The ribs part sucks though. At least the vicodin is there to help! And that resting up under warm blankets is a good thing to do at this time of year.
Feel better soon!