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As always I am out of time and have lots to say. Short version is Eva and I went to Texas for a week and just got back last night. The first night we drove from here to Wichita, Kansas and stayed in a craptastic Motel 6. Literally opened the door into the bed. Got up the next morning and headed towards Amarillo. Got too bored driving that way so turned back around and went to Wichita Falls where she will go to tech school.

Once there we checked into Howard Johnsons and proceeded to have an awesome time. (as awesome as one can have with broken ribs and bronchitis) The hotel was so nice. I could live there and never leave the premises. Pools, hot tub, sauna, fitness center, mini golf, restaurant, lounge, shuffleboard and more. Ironically, this was our cheapest hotel as they give one heckuva military discount.

My friend got us on base one day and gave us a general tour and the next day we took a tour of Eva's specific program and met some very nice people. It amazed me that the higher ranked people were so nice and accomodating.

The best part for me was seeing all the jets. It's a training base so there are always jets flying around - like drivers ed for pilots. I have such a love affair with jets that I kept running to windows to watch them go overhead.

We checked out of the hotel Friday and I drove as far as Newton, Kansas and ran out of steam about 2 in the morning. Got up Saturday morning and drove to Manhattan, Kansas to meet my friend who lives there now. He showed us around town and then out to his place to hang out for about an hour. Left there and headed it on home.

It was a much needed trip despite all the driving in incredible pain. I couldn't take any of my pain pills because I was the only authorized driver on the rental car. BTW, Nissan Altimas are pretty zippy little cars for road trippin'. Get good gas mileage too!

Time for bed but as the week goes on I will try to share more details and maybe some pics.

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Dude! You went to the WRONG Manhattan!!!!


Git yer butt to the RIGHT one next time!

I spent all my junior high and high school years in Wichita, Kansas and am afraid I know exactly where that Motel 6 is. Though it's been over 10 years since I've been back there - I hear it's a lot nicer town than back in the 70s and 80s. Randomly I spent all my very young life and early grade school growing up in Manhattan, Kansas, which I don't remember much of except for this really great hamburger joint near the college. I also think we played basketball against a school in Newton.

I think you've seen all the highlights of Kansas - except maybe the excitement of the state capital! Kansas: there's not much there there. Oh I remember a better one: "If you can be happy in Kansas you can be happy in a garden of raked sand." Though actually there are many people who would say that there have been many nice raked sand gardens created...

Meanwhile - rest rest rest!!!
Lisa's ribs: Listen to her! Rest us already!!!

Also - Faith is correct!
Her Manhattan wins for touristfest!
Hee hee!