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Gotta snap outta this funk

I am so tired. Some of it is leftover from being so sick and still trying to recover from the rib thing. Some of it is the winter blahs. We've had snow on the ground pretty much all winter. I love snow but after the ice storm, I was ready for winter to be over. I think most of it is a depression creeping up on me.

The day after tomorrow Eva goes to the Air Force. I know it's the best decision for her but every time I think about it, I cry. Emily keeps texting me that she's crying too. This makes me cry more. You have to know Eva to understand what a brilliant ray of sunshine she is. I was so sick when we were in Texas. Had I been that sick at home, I'd have just stayed in bed but she gave me the inspiration to get my dead ass up and go see new things every day. She's just so much fun. I will miss her more than I've missed anyone I think.

I miss Texas. I hated most of it but it was the best vacation I have ever had. Without the kids I was able to leave everything behind and totally relax. I suppose being half dead helped with that too but Texas will forever be known as the place I let it all go for a few days. Let my money go too.

Our first night there and we were trying to find the exit for the AFB and my friend's house and I got a speeding ticket. $172. I want to fight it because I know I was not speeding but I'd have to go back down there and appear in court and I can't afford another trip back so soon. I can have it deferred for an extra $50 and then it will disappear off my record if I don't have another Texas violation in the next 180 days. Wichita Falls is rough on the fines and they don't make deals. Go 10mph there. Trust me.

Their roads are the biggest hodge podge mess I've ever seen. I don't know how many times we tried to go to a Walmart and couldn't get there. We could see it but every road seemed to lead almost to it, but not quite. I told Eva I was about ready to launch our rented Nissan thru the median to get to it. Our last day there we finally figured out the magic path to get there and then neither of us could remember why we wanted there to begin with. The whole trip was full of moments like that.

Funny thing is that Batty grew up in the places we visited in Kansas. Small world! I did take some pics of the Kansas flint hills but not as many as I should have.

I have so many little regrets like not taking a pic of this time warp motel along the road that looked like it fell out of the sky from the 50s. The sign out front said "Refrigerated Air". I didn't take a pic because I felt like crap and the thought of taking a pic was too much work. I also wanted to take pics of cotton harvest in Oklahoma and pick up some cotton along the road where it had blown out of the fields. Same as above.. not enough energy to get past the thought.

I am worn out from writing this and need to get back to cheering on my Packers.


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Aw, they say Jan 22 is the most depressing day of the year based on holidays being over, people failing at their resolutions, and the weather sucking. It can only go up from there.

Come visit the REAL Manhattan, I'll help you out of that funk!

jp houston:

I dont know what the problem is boss/you only have to pay the surcharge x3 then theyll forgive ya lifes good in the real world. some imortal have it tuff gods been good to me

and, after you go visit Faith - you NEED to come see me!!! ;)



Did that help? No? Sorry.

love ya!