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Drinkin' isn't for me

When I was sick I had Todd go get me a 5th of Jack Daniels so I could make a hot toddy. It didn't work and now I have a big bottle of whiskey to get rid of. Tonight I decided to try my hand at drinking again. Oh boy.

Before Christopher, I drank a lot of Lynchburg Lemonade which is Jack and lemonade. I might add that this concoction causes very irrational thinking and stupid behavior which is why I gave it up some 15 years ago. So tonight I decide I'm gonna start working my way through that bottle. Hey! It cost $30! Can't just have it go to waste.... or can we? I made one drink and ew. Big EW! Maybe tomorrow I will try Jack and Coke.

On the Eva front, she called her mom Sunday but her mom had just left for work. She left her address on the answering machine so I've been putting something in the mail for her every day since. I hope she gets lots of mail as I understand that is a big morale boost when they are far from home and being broken in by the military. If any of you want to drop her a note, hit me up for the address.

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Next time you're needing whiskey, I recommend Maker's Mark. Well worth the purchase and much smoother than Jack's! I use it only for medicinal purposes! ;)


Jameson's (or Powers, but I've only seen that in Ireland). Bourbon is much sweeter than Irish (which in turn is sweeter than Scotch) and I can't drink the stuff. Jameson's is nice either on its own, but is really good as a hot toddy (whisky, sugar, lemon rind, cloves, boiling water). yum.

Lisa, drop me her address. I'll send a little sumpin' sumpin' from Alaska ;)

Gimmie address please.

I've always found Jack to be one step above cough medicine. Stick to the vino.


Save some JD for me! ;-)