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Heat Wave!!

Yesterday morning it was 0. This morning it's 31. I feel like wearing shorts.

I have this list I made of things I want to do this year and I've been crossing things off with a vengeance. After about 15 years of pretty much staying home all the time, I'm getting out again and doing stuff. It's addictive.

This weekend I made arrangements for us to ride the train. In an hour's time online I managed to get Amtrak tickets, a cheap rental car, a cheap motel and a page full of things to do over on the Mighty Mississippi. That was Tuesday morning.

Tuesday night the rental car place called and asked if I was coming via Amtrak. He noticed our location was close enough that we could have drove ourselves so thought he better check. He wanted to let me know the eastbound train was always late. 3 or 4 hours was the norm. Sometimes up to 10. They would still have a car for us at the train station but there would be an extra charge for pickup after business hours. So instead of being into Burlington before noon on Saturday, we could be getting there after dark which totally defeats the purpose of even going.

Folks, this kind of stuff is why I stopped making plans or going anywhere. Just like breaking the rib a few days before the Texas trip. It's ALWAYS something. I will not be discouraged. It's more depressing to sit and home and hear of other's journeys. I will continue to take my own. Let's just hope the weather through the Rockies is good tomorrow and that train gets here on time!