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I have been too busy to post here much anymore, especially about Obama and politics. I get several emails asking how I feel about the momentum Barack has going right now. Last night I answered a good friend and found myself getting carried away and doing a massive brain dump. I am going to share it here since it pretty much sums up the raw emotion of where I'm at on the political scale right now.

Yes, he is doing awesome and I couldn't be happier. To me, I have always thought of our President as a figure head who is more a representative/messenger than anything. Like they have the ultimate power but their ear is bent all day by advisors and so on. They have
to have the ability to filter all of that through a good moral filter, which he has, and then, most importantly, they have to articulately convey the decision, policy, or whatever to our citizens and the rest of the world. Have you heard the man speak?? Holy cow. He could
sell ice to eskimos, more snow to me, humidity to you... he is very gifted in that area. (My friend replied he doubted Obama could sell me snow. Snow shovel, maybe.)

On the accomplishment part, he has gotten more people (like me) involved in this election process than anyone before him. He has reached so many young people, so many disenfranchised folks who had lost hope in the process. Not only reached them but got them up off their asses and actually making calls, going door to door and really being involved. He is bringing honesty and respect back to the political arena. When I first met him in Winterset, he talked about experience and where experience has gotten us thus far. That was the
a-ha! moment for me. (Friend also suggested I post this paragraph at Hannity's site. I went there, found the forum for this and saw exactly what turns me off about politics. I won't be posting there as there is no civilized discussion taking place.)

Even more impressive is his wife. She is so awesome. This is one of my favorite Michelle speeches. I've met her a couple of times now too. The thing is, when you actually meet someone and you speak to them and shake their hand, you can generally get a read on if they are bullshitting or genuine. They are both so genuine. When she says they worry about moms who don't have backup systems for their children or working families who don't have health care, she means it. She said that the Obamas were doing fine before they started this and the Obamas will do fine when this is over, regardless of the outcome. They worry about people who aren't doing fine and can't get ahead. The message they hope to leave is that we all deserve better, should demand better and not settle
because our "leaders" tell us this is just how it's done.

Hillary makes me sick. I used to like her and always thought I would support her but she flops and panders to whatever crowd she's trying to win over. Obama is consistent time and time again. My friend Suzette has a funny thing on her site about Hill and the many
styles... You
will laugh.

May make it back here later to fix links and whatnot but more than likely I will not. Everything is rush rush rush nowadays.

(came back and fixed links just for Faith)

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Did you forget how to make links??

I hate Hillary too. There, we have something in common.