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Home again

Riding the train back was also awesome except there were way more passengers so we couldn't just sit where we wanted and it was noisier.

I proved my theory that the universe does not want me to sleep. The train had to go slower because we were following a freight and the freight was busting through the snow. Nice, gentle swaying of the cars in the dark. Very relaxing. Laid my head on Todd's shoulder and started to doze off. Guy in front of me begins to snore loud. Sit up, he stops, Lean on Todd, he starts. After the third time I said "Oh for fuxsake!" and Todd laughed. He already knows this no sleep theory to be true and laughs whenever I kid myself into thinking I can take a nap.

Train did a stop or two and got all quiet and relaxing again so laid my head back down, just started to snooze and a lady on the other side sneezed 36 times in a row. Then some kids started talking very loudly to their mother a couple of seats behind them. It was like that all the way home.

Of course I have more to say but I gotta go dig the car out so I can get kids to school this morning. Eagle pics are up at my flickr page.

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Yay, you got the first trip out of the way. That will make the next trip even easier. *hint, hint*