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Too much of anything is harmful

I remember that from a college psych class. We had a lengthy discussion on how even things that are good for you can kill you. I'm beginning to think all of this snow is killing me. At the very least, it's harmed my happiness a whole lot. I love snow but this winter has been brutal. Not so much snow as snow storms. Emphasis on storms. Not the kind that you can go sledding in or make snow angels but the kid that rains down ice, takes the power out, and dumps a foot of wet snow every other week. That is followed up with a cold so bitter that even ice melt and road chemicals can't melt it.

We've had snow continuously on the ground since November. Normally we get about three decent snows over a winter and one really nasty one in late Feb/early March but the periods between are 30s and dry. It melted a lot yesterday but we still have LOTS of inches of dirty, icy yuck around. It's going to melt more today but fear not, a freezing drizzle will descend on the area this evening and overnight followed by freezing rain and more snow tomorrow.

At least I'm not the only one complaining

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Welcome to my world. heh.