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Random Saturday Stuff

The boy's second day at work. He told me the job was so easy that anyone could do it so we went in and ordered things like popcorn shrimp basket and chicken strip kids meal and then paid with our debit card. Afterwards he said "Mom! Why did you pick things I don't know??" Who better to help a boy learn than his mother? It's what I'm here for. hahah

Onto my mini project...

Emily's room used to have this god awful orange/green/brown striped carpet from the 60s and we pulled it up last year to expose the wood floor. We left the chunk of ugly in the hallway because it's part of an addition and had just subfloor rather than birch wood floor. I found a scrap of carpet that would fit and yesterday decided it was the day to put it down. This photo is Dozer, throwing himself on the old carpet. He really didn't want us to take it away. Guess he's pretty much slept on that since he was a wee lil' pup.

This is the finished product. Note all the corners and crevices to cut around in such a small space. I have blisters on my finger from all the cutting but it's soooo much better than the old striped stuff. I think the next project will be replacing the bathtub from 1957. That will be a biggie.

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That's C??? Man I'm old.

Love that Dozie!