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How to crawl out of a hole?

I keep trying to get out of this funk but the universe seems to think I have more bad karma coming or something. Last night we had plans to go to Des Moines and see a KC area musician. Both of us bought new clothes since we haven't been "out" together in over 5 years. My hair looked fantastic for once. That's generally a good sign, right?

Wrong. Got up there and found a Kansas basketball game was on so the music was delayed until the game was over. We sat through about an hour in the typical bar scene: loud women waving cigarettes around, lots of cackling and did I say LOUD? LOUD LOUD The men at the bar were screaming and clapping for the basketball game. I remarked to Todd that I cannot believe I used to love that whole bar scene. Ah, old age how you've ruined me.

We ended up leaving and trying to find a place to eat. Red Lobster right next door. Packed. Outrageous wait time. Olive Garden, same. Down the line of nicer places to eat. Surprising number of people eat at 10PM on Saturday nights. Finally settled on Macaroni something or other and by that time we were both so tired. So much for the big night out. Highlight of the night was coloring on the table at Macaronis. They give you crayons to scribble on the big sheet of paper that acts as a protective cover for the table cloth. I wrote lots of useless shit in purple crayon then signed Todd's name to it all.

Now, how long does one keep trying to crawl out of the funk before you just accept that this crappiness is the new way of life and happiness comes in accepting it instead of fighting it?

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I'm going to refrain for fear of making you worse.

XO kiddo!

ditto Faith

hang in there - and then getcherbutt up here!!!

Are you still in a hole? Get the fuck out already!