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I have never been a very vain person. I have worn makeup less than a hundred times in my whole life and when I do wear it, people say to me "Honey, you still are not wearing it." The only thing about my looks that is really important to me is my hair. I went for years without putting any chemicals to it and get very nervous about every haircut.

I did get my hair highlighted a few weeks ago and agreed to try shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. I was very hesistant when the samples from naked naturals arrived but decided to give it a shot this week. I like the fact that is all natural and environmentally friendly. Normally I use a tropical smelling shampoo or something very fruity scented so I was surprised that I liked the faint hint of lavender scent. I generally can tell by the lather if a shampoo is going to work well on my hair. I have really thick hair and it takes a good lather to get it clean. The natural shampoo lathered up quite well but I washed again to be on the safe side.

I wasn't sure the conditioner did a great job as my wet hair did not feel slick. I am going to assume now that the extra chemicals in other conditioners contribute to that slick feel. The conditioner seems to have done its job as evidenced by the shine in the picture.

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BarbaraRose Barker:

Hey Lisa,
It's your cousin BarbaraRose! Wow! Haven't seen you in years! What happened to your long hair? Your hair still looks great. Lavender shampoo is a great relaxer after a long day!!!