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Road Trip

Yes, I am still in a funk. I need sleep so desperately but it continues to elude me. The kid and I took a road trip to Kansas City and surrounding areas for his spring break. I had hoped to get sleep then but that didn't happen. The following story is 100% true.

We checked several motels and found one that was affordable and seemed quiet. I asked the boy at the desk if it was quiet and he said "Oh yeah! It's really quiet here. So quiet that I have trouble staying awake." Yay! That's what I needed! I told him that I hated hotels where you could hear doors shutting and people noises from the hallway. He said that would not be a problem at all. I paid and signed in and he hands me this sheet of paper that said "Be advised that trains run on the rear of the hotel property. We do not control the schedule." HAHAHA I seriously laughed so hard. I love trains so we took the room but I would hardly call a hotel with a railroad track in the backyard a "quiet" hotel. How close was the train? Glad you asked. This close:


That was taken early in the morning from our window with no zoom. That close. I couldn't have slept anyway because the boy snores so bad. It literally sounds like gravel in a blender. Going to make him another dr appointment to get that checked out. Last year they said his nasal passages were really small and they would check again later. Later is now as far as I'm concerned. He has a bad, bad case of apnea from it and I can't imagine he is getting a restful sleep.

Anyway, we traveled around Kansas a bit together, went to Cabela's and Bass Pro, and had a good time overall. Soon I will go back to Texas to see Eva again and hopefully I can find some sleep there.

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man - and I thought the hotel I stayed at in Kingman AZ several years ago was close to the tracks because I could HEAR the trains! lol!

glad you got the trip with the boy anyway - take care, friend!