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Saving Money

Yesterday I pulled up to the gas pumps and about had heart failure. I rarely put gas in the vehicles as it's just something Todd does so I don't get used to the outrageous prices. $3.32 a gallon. Good Lord. That's where our money is going! Todd has to drive about 800 miles a week to work and back so I guess I better start finding other ways to save if the economy is going to get worse.

One option I am entertaining is getting a car with much better gas mileage. Another is to use coupons at the store. My mother had no choice but to do that as a single mom and I always hated it. Swore I never would and I absolutely do not. Now may be the time where I have to start counting pennies. The Penny Pincher Gazette looks like a good place to get free grocery coupons. I like the fact that you can enter your zipcode and search stores for your area. You can browse the circulars then find Grocery Coupons. Neat!

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Well, because I can't find an email address, I thought I'd offer a comment.

First comment is on topic, my Jeep gets between 10-12 mpg. I'm going to get rid of it for something more fuel efficient. While 8 cylinders are nice; they aren't so nice at over $3 per gallon of gas.

Second comment (off topic), I've stopped posting over at JimFormation. But I've got a new domain and plan on writing and posting again. I hope I can count on you as a frequent visitor!



dang, girl - we use coupons every damn week. no shame in that! coupons.com, smartsource.com - all good sites. you have to download a printer app. but all's good. and 800 miles? get a stick-shift hybrid!