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Man, I love my kids.

On the way home from grocery shopping last night, C. was in the back of the Surburban, complaining that a girl he works with has such huge boobs that he can't get past her to the ice cream machine. I asked "Can you just duck under them?" and C. said "Maybe she should throw them over her shoulder." After some giggles, a lull in conversation returned. I hate quiet. Anyone who knows me well and is around me alot knows I bust out into random songs and at that quiet moment, the Tigger song popped into my head so I started singing

The wonderful thing about Tiggers,
is Tiggers are wonderful things,
their tops are made of rubber,
their tails are made of springs.

C. burst out laughing and Ben gave him a funny look and asked "Why are you laughing?" and C. said "My mom and that song she's singing." Ben goes "So? That was in the Winnie the Pooh book I read to her this morning." and C. just stopped cold with the most puzzled look. Several seconds pass....

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... tiggers... I thought she said titters."

That would be a song his dad would sing.

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That one made me laugh!! I likes "Tiggers", hehe

bwahahaha!!! (my hubby, too!)

check your phone messages my friend!!!!