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Busy weekend

It's our birthdays! Well, Todd's is the 10th and mine today. I'd love to tell you we have a big three day party but that would be the furthest from the truth. We do nothing. I got mad today and bought my own cake at Walmart. Tasted like sh*t. Can't even say it was the thought that counted since it was my thought. HA!

Yesterday we headed up to Des Moines to look at cars. My dream car that I bought almost 8 years ago was falling down all over itself and becoming a money pit. I loved that car and have spent the last year in total denial over it's issues. Some days it would run flawlessly. Others, it would sputter and eat gas like it was running out on the ground somewhere. I decided once I found another car that grabbed my eye like that one did so long ago, I'd buy it. We drove lots of stuff yesterday and when I found my new love, I had to really make the salesman work to get his numbers in line with mine. Here it is... the Dream Car v2.

So the whole weekend was shot in the butt while working this deal out but it was worth it. The speedometer says 160 and if you google "infiniti g35", you will see videos of people (mostly kids!!!!) stupid enough to try it out. It will do it. I have a lead foot so will surely be using that cruise control.

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Nice wheels! Hope it gives you miles and years of good service, it should!!

ooooohhhhh - PRETTY! Congrats - and, yes I use Cruise, too. (And, I don't mean Tom) I think I have been saved from a number of tickets because of that little button. ;)


That is a pretty lavish Happy Birthday to Me gift! Nice ride!!!

Happy belated b-day!!! I see it was a very good one, because you have that lovely shiny new car. Not that I know anything about cars, having not owned one for over 15 years now, but it looks pretty! :)