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Stormy night

My thoughts and prayers are with the folks in northern Iowa who lost their homes to the tornadoes that roared through yesterday. Since this house has no basement, I have a horrible fear of tornadoes now and seeing an entire town wiped off the map only feeds that fear.

An elderly neighbor lady used to blame wild weather on the space shuttle. It punctured the atmosphere you see and this angered God or something. As I sat on the couch last night and watched the trees bend to the ground, I couldn't help but think of Iota. I bet she'd have blamed it on Phoenix touching down on Mars. Whatever the reason, this time of year is nerve wracking.

Comments (3)

Sure it wasn't tomatoes??? That'd be less scary and much tastier.

I was thinking of you, Lisa. I'm glad you're safe.

I'm glad you're ok - I wasn't sure where exactly you were - Iowa is a big place!
Hope everyone up north is ok.