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My baby had a birthday today

15 years ago I had a brand new, very tiny baby with no butt crack. He has told me to never put pictures of him on here again and I respect that. So I will tell you that the kid had no butt crack. He was a preemie and I guess the fat on the butt is one of the last things to fill in. He is the biggest, most annoying pain in my butt but he's also the funniest kid I know and makes me laugh so hard every day. We fight but we're also very close and I think he tells me everything. I hope it is always like that. Happy Birthday Christopher/Pookey/Bubba/Dub/Gump/Whirrett Kid! Next year you get your license. OMIGOD!

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Happy (belated) birthday to your boy-chick! Man! they get so big so fast.