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My Bill IQ is 71% / C which surprises me a lot. I am not one to worry about debt or financial planning. Unfortunately, it shows right now as gas prices skyrocket and the budget gets so tight I can't breathe. I swore off credit card debt yet I have it again. Citibank keeps sending me a fake check to ease my financial strain just by calling this 800 number to consolidate debt.

On the bills.com website, I read that if I pay only the minimum on a credit card, it will take 15 years or more to pay it off if I stop using it today. Wow! I also learned a lot about savings versus paying down debt. It does make more sense to put funds towards paying down a 17% interest credit card than it does to stick the same money in savings and earn 2 or 3%. These are the things I just don't think about. I’m also completely guilty of using extra, unexpected money for trips instead of paying something off.

One of the Bill IQ questions was about shopping around for best insurance rates. In a small town, most people buy insurance from their insurance man without shopping around. I've never checked rates anywhere else and have had the same insurance man for 20 years. I am sure a big company could beat the rate but I am not sure about the service.

I guess it’s a matter of priorities. Checking into the insurance is a good idea but I don’t think I will give up the trips. That is something new to me and I find I quite enjoy being irresponsible sometimes! In the instance of unexpected money, I’d rather die knowing I saw new places and made new friends than I would knowing that my credit card was paid down some more.