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Get a (nose) job

Today getting a nose job is a common surgery for improving a person's looks. Just mention rhinoplasty, nose surgery, nose job and I cringe. In 1990, I was dancing around on a wet tile floor because I'm crazy like that. One minute I'm laughing and entertaining people and the next I'm out cold. My feet went straight out from under me and I had no time to react. Smashed my face and my nose ended up taking the brunt of it. The ER doc kindly shoved it back into the center of my face but there was lots of damage to my sinuses and a sizeable bump began to appear. I had to have the rhinoplasty surgery so I could breathe.

Reading about the procedure as it's done today seems better than when I had it done. Mine resulted in a great deal of pain and I had to stay in the hospital two days. Now it says there is little pain and it's generally done as an outpatient procedure. I've never had complaints about the cosmetic features of my nose but I've been able to breathe a whole lot better - even better than before I broke my nose. I would go through the pain again just for the breathing benefits.

The article addresses pricing and the sums surprised me. I always thought it was a very expensive procedure. I never saw the bills for mine as workmans comp covered it all but if I had a big nose and was self conscious about it, I don't think the price is that unreasonable for an improved self esteem.