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I always say Christopher was weaned on Def Leppard because I listened to a lot of it when he was a baby. The other day he told me that his earliest memory was of me cleaning the house with Def Leppard blaring on the stereo while I let him jump on the couch. I love that. I hope all the kids have some crazy, lighthearted memory like that.

He's been watching VH1 Classics during the day and today we watched it together on my lunch break. This led to a heated debate about Poison, whom I loathe, and why they suck and why Brett Michaels is disgusting. Unskinny Bop was the video in question. Now you tell me, what the hell is unskinny bop? I've been accused of not giving Poison a chance so to prove that I've endured plenty of Poison in my life, I sang the whole song AND danced the same lame dance moves as Brett. But again, what is unskinny bop? I'd love to hear what you think it means.

After that piece of steaming crap was over, Cowboys From Hell - Pantera came on. Now that is some good music.