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Save big

Every morning I get up and check the savings sites online for good deals. The last great deal I got was an iHome docking station for the kitchen. It mounts under the cabinet so I can put my iPod in it and play music while I am chained to the sink. Okay, so I’m not really ever chained to the sink but it sure does feel like it when the kid decides to purge his room of dirty dishes.

With gas prices threatening to bury us all, most can no longer afford to pay full retail on anything nowadays. For clothes I use Gap coupons or Old Navy. For work/techy things, the NewEgg promo code comes in handy.

I meet myself coming and going nowadays and barely remember my name so it's nice to have othere people deal watch for me! With savings.com I can get deal alerts and newsletters emailed to me so I don't even have to take the time to browse around myself. Of course I will because any kind of money savings becomes addictive and you never know when you will run across that item you just have to have.

My favorite feature is the free shipping tab. Again, gas prices bite us all on the butt with the cost to truck freight around too. Sometimes you can save the cost of your mechandise in shipping alone!