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Ten months later....

The boy takes after me in terms of stubborness. Remember the great experiment last year with the trash and the car? Every so often Todd would go back and do a room sweep and dump the contents into the Oldsmobile and we'd go through the fit of having to clean it out again. I didn't think the kid was ever gonna get it.

Well Friday he comes out with a garbage sack of trash and said he'd cleaned his room. I said "Did you smoke crack for breakfast?? Since when do you clean your room???" He said... and oh how I loooove this...

"I go to my dad's tomorrow and that's when Todd fills my car with trash."

HAHAHAHAHAHA Ten months later he FINALLY got it!

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I've been holding it back since you posted this, can't . . . hold . . . back . . . any longer . . .
;) I LOVE teens!