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No time to explain

The short version of why I've been absent from this space: I moved to Texas. I now work with the EuroNato Joint Jet Pilot Training Program and I love it so much. The family stayed behind while I see if this is a fit for me. So far it absolutely is. I am so thankful to be a part of the support services for our military. I'm a tree hugger by nature and hate war but when I pull into the parking lot every morning and see "my guys" working towards defending our country from the sky, it makes me tear up.

This video is an awesome representation of what I see and am a part of now. More later.

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Wow, congrats for making such a big change. Hope everything works out. :)

Aunt Rose:

I've been wondering where my little girl is and now I know--
O K !!!
I'm scared for you but as always proud of you!!!
As you know I always want my feet on the ground and will not even ride a horse so you will understand that I will be sending lots of prayers your way.
Love You always--Aunt Rose

WHA? WOWZERS!!!! Way to go,my friend.