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Lots of stories to tell

I love learning new things and exploring the history of new places. I've done a ton of fact collecting here and can't wait to share. As always, there's no time right now.

One of my favorite quick facts has to do with the jets. Every day when I get to work, I am greeted by the smell of jet fuel and this incredibly high pitched whistle that is so loud. That would be the sound of a T37 "Tweet". The noise is produced by the air being sucked into the small jet engine intake.

There is point when they are slowly making their way out in which it sounds like the pilot revs up the engines and the noise becomes almost unbearable. I learned from a Colonel that the noise gets louder/higher when a person encounters the line about 20 degrees off the engine. Boring to most I'm sure but to me... fascinating stuff! The T37s are being replaced by the T6 Texan II. I'm disappointed by that fact as I love jets and the T6 is a prop plane.

Off to work!