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May 16, 2006

Winding down

The school year is winding down so it's been consistently busy around here. Summer will be a welcome relief.

This school year has just flown by. Seniors left on senior trip last night. A couple of the guys who hang out here said I'd be lost without them. I don't know about lost but it will sure be quieter.

Eva will back from Brazil in just over a month. I promised her when she left that nothing would change since this is a such a small town and the same old stuff happens day after day. I lied. A lot has changed and the pecking order will have to sort out again but she'll rise straight to the top I'm sure.

Time for work again.

May 24, 2006

Something's amiss

Ever get the feeling that something is wrong somewhere or something is about to go wrong? I have that tonight. Might be that three of my favorite kids are out tooling around in a convertible. I hate convertibles. Makes every motherly alarm I have go off.

Christopher got bit by a dog tonight. Not a bad bite and not a big dog. Just a little yip yappy dog. Left a big welt that will be a bruise tomorrow. Thank God it wasn't a big dog like our two dogs.

I did a lot of running and jumping and speed and agility type stuff with Christopher this evening. Had to prove to him I still got it. Getting out of bed in the morning might be impossible.

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