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February 6, 2007

Stupid Animals

The cat is determined to get outside and this is NOT permitted now that we have a lot of vet money dumped into him. The past week has been a challenge to keep him in. I read that if you can keep them in for a couple of weeks, they will stop trying to get out. We had almost a week done but now must start over following a 5AM chase around in the dark. Oh, and it snowed in the night. Chase in the dark, in the new snow, in my pajamas, when I'm so tired I can barely stay upright. GRRR

Can I go back to bed now? Nope. God, how I miss being 20.

March 10, 2007

Gotta vent

Dozer has been taking cortisone to stop his itching. The side effect is that he has to pee a lot. I mean a whole lot. To counteract the side effect of weight gain and to allow him many pee trips AND to get the boy ready for track, C. has been taking him on many runs a day. This is good for them both but sometimes Dozer decides he's had enough of this running crap and will just stop. It's usually funny because C. almost falls over him but when they are a mile from home when it happens and I have to go get them, it's not funny! I had just taken a shower. Not just any shower but my Saturday shower where I take time to exfoliate, work over my eyebrows, condition my hair, put on the pretty lotion... you get the picture. Well, the last thing I want to do is go find the boy and dog. I figured they'd be muddy but Dozer, being low to the ground, was exceptionally bad. I had to pick him up and put him in the truck because, being low to the ground (and fat!), is not conducive to jumping up into trucks. So now I smell like Victoria's Secret Amber Romance and wet freakin' dog. GRRRRRRR!!!

The upside to this is that both dog and boy survived the truck ride home with one unhappy momma. How did your weekend start?

June 9, 2007

New dog toy

Both dogs stayed at a gun dog kennel while we were gone with a gazillion other hunting dogs. Dozer was only allowed in as the companian to Lucy since gun dogs are an elite bunch. I think he's smarter than all those dumb hunting dog put together. He knows that instead of bouncing around (breaking fingers) it's much better to save your energy for important things like scaring the mail lady.

He was perfectly content to just lay around for a week but Lucy had so much pent up energy that needed channeled and burned off quickly. I found her a new toy that fits her to a T. It's called a Chewing Orka Jack and is made for aggressive chewers. I suppose you could call her an aggressive chewer. I prefer to call her a complusive chewer as she gets started and can't seem to stop. If you take a chew toy away from her, she will keep chewing on nothing, making her teeth clatter together like a meth addict.

This Orka Jack has made it through two days of complusive/aggressive chewing which is a record. It's also fun to throw as she is the queen of catching things in midair and this baffles her to no end. She goes to where it ought it to land but it's tricky and never goes where she expects. Confusing the "smart" dog = FUN! I would highly recommend the Orka Jack to anyone with a high strung dog who can annihilate your standard chew toy in seconds.

November 10, 2007

Gone to the dogs

It's that time of year where Lucy supposedly earns her keep. Pheasant season started a couple of weekends ago and that's her lot in life - to find birds for her master. Unfortunately that's only a weekend thing and the rest of her time is spent driving me insane.

My dog, Dozer, is fat and lazy and is very content to hold down a chunk of floor all day long. Lucy has to go, go, go and chase things and run around. Every morning I have to take her outside and exercise her for at least an hour or she will make me crazy all day. We've got a routine going now where I wear her down and she is pretty settled through the day while I work. At night she goes back to driving me crazy again by spinning on the bed all night.

It's totally my fault that she is in bed with us. When she was about four months old, she would pace the floor all night. Anyone with weimaraners know that they shuffle when they walk and it sounded like an old granny shuffling around in house slippers. I got mad and said "Dammit Lucy, get up here and lay down!" and she's been there since.

Dozer used to have a dog bed but now he just lays on a blanket on the floor. I've thought about getting Lucy a dog bed but I don't know that she'd use it. Weims like to be with their owners. She might lay on a dog couch. That thing is cute!

I am certainly going to show this seat cover to Todd. Right now we have just an old bench seat cover from a pickup truck to keep the dog hair out of the Surburban. Doesn't work near as well as it should. Now is the time of year she is in and out of the truck a lot and dragging in leaves and mud. So far she has not found any birds to make her worth the hassle. Her only saving grace is that she's dumb and good for laughs when she runs into walls and she can be soooo sweet and lovable.

May 24, 2009

Heeeeeere's Wally!


June 11, 2009

Two more weeks

Two more weeks until I take Wally to my mother and bring Christopher back to Texas for the summer. Trading the little baby for my almost grown baby. Good trade! Neither sleeps much but the grown baby can be up and not bother his mother.

Wally has hit the stage of puppydom where everything must be trashed. It's on my last nerve and I am afraid my mother won't like him much. Every two minutes I find myself yelling "Wally! NO!" She thinks he will keep her busy and give her something to do. She has nooo idea. He still has cute moments like swimming in the pool. He's quite the swimmer! Like any baby, he's cutest when he's sleeping.

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