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May 3, 2004


Last night I went to bed at 10:45, read until 11:30 and was wide awake again with a terrible stomach ache by 1:30. Now here it is 4:30 and I can't go back to bed as I'll just have to get up again soon to officially start the day. I hate this insomnia but it's particularly bad to start a week like this.

May 12, 2004

Maybe my mind is programmed for 3AM

I woke up and thought of something I needed to do for work that required an email to the Australian time zone. I think they are still in their business day right now. Now that I've taken care of that, perhaps I can go back to sleep for a bit.

May 13, 2004

For Faith

We kicked your ass!!!!

May 17, 2004

Tough issues

Part of living in this small of a town means 3/4 of the kids you start school with will be with you when you graduate. One would think that would mean everyone would be friends but even a class of 50 divides off into cliques. I hate that. This is the year that C's class is beginning to divide. I hate watching him struggle as I remember so well what that was like having to choose.

There was a girl in my class who was very nice but she didn't make the cut when the popular girls formed their little group. The reasons why arent important now but I remember one girl coming up to me and saying "Are you going to sit with us or her?" Let's see... sit with some mean little ------- or sit with a friend? Easy choice for me. I sat with a friend and was immediately culled from the herd. I still believe that was a good choice and I'd make it again but it made my teenage years so very difficult.

This morning I asked C. about the current breakdown of his friends. A couple of the familiar names were missing and when I pressed further, he said "Mom, they are just hateful and mean" and proceeded to tell me some of the nasty things they say about people less fortunate than themselves.

So here I am again only this time in a guidance role. I do NOT want C. to travel down the hard road I chose. On the other hand, I will not allow him to be a hateful little shit just so he can be popular.

Another parent pointed out to me that she thinks C. and some others are peeling off the mean boys from their popular clique but I don't know about that. I have to be careful not to read too much of my high school experience into C's life but at the same time, I can't afford to be blindsided by a complete friend change and all that comes with that. My poor mom didn't see it coming when it happened to me.

More on this later maybe... right now it's time to get ready for work.

May 20, 2004

You'd think I'd learn

Never start a day with a conversation with C's dad. We couldn't get along in the mornings when we lived under the same roof so we sure as heck can't now. GRRRR! So much for that co-parenting. I want a cigarette.

May 24, 2004

If you want rain...

Just say the words "we're gonna pour concrete" and it will flood. We were supposed to get backfill for our new garage on Saturday morning and the concrete was coming Tuesday. When I went to bed Friday night, the rain chance overnight was 20%. Instead, all hell broke loose around the state.

Thanks to everyone who called or emailed to check on us. The tornadoes were a couple of hours north of here thankfully. We just got the thunderstorms. I see this morning we are under a flood watch with locally heavy rains expected again today. It's almost funny because when the city showed up to approve our garage location, the guy said "Boy, we can't even buy a rain, can we?" A few nights later when they finished the concrete forms, the rain came and won't go away now.

Here we go again


More storms = more rain. ugh. They did go ahead and bring sand in this morning. Smaller loads so it took twice as long and still tore the heck out of the yard. At least we are another tiny step closer and thank God we've not been blown off the map. There is a tornado warning right now in the county west of us but I'm not thinking about that. That's right... I am NOT going to freak out. Batty asked about a basement in the comments of the previous entry. The answer is no, we have no basement. We bought this house in early spring and weren't thinking how important that would be.

Now they have moved the tornado warning into our county. The weather guy just said "If we zoom the radar out, you can see that bow echo moving towards Decatur County." I wish he'd shut up. I am NOT going to freak out. I'm going to eat chicken and mashed potatoes and hope my garage sand doesn't wash down the hill.

Didn't blow away

Looking to the west as the storm was coming.

Same view after the storm passed.

The orange was intriguing so C. and I drove to the lake to get a better view.

and a really crappy rainbow picture

May 31, 2004

The long weekend that wasn't

I totally dislike holiday weekends. People ask "What are you doing for the long weekend?" We don't get them because of Todd's job. It's always been that way and I should be used to it but I'm not. These are the days I am angry all day over the fact that we don't get to see much of each other, we don't get the same family time as other families, and when we are together, it's a hectic pace.

This summer - or at least June - is baseball, tee ball, boy scouts, band lessons, swimming lessons, basketball camp, and we're building a garage. That last one is a biggie as it's subject to everyone's schedule AND the weather. It's taken about a month to get the concrete floor done. Now it has to dry out so we can finish the driveway and the approach. After that comes hammers and nails. Due to budget constraints, we're going to have to build it ourselves. As tired and pissy as we are, it should be crooked.

Progress so far...

Did I mention how sick I am of severe thunderstorms??? And stinky, stagnant water standing around. Ugh.

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